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Ureteral Stents HEPARIUS®

The UROMED »HEPARIUS®« is a ureteral stent which reduces crystallization processes in the urine. The protected polymer surface minimizes the formation of bifilm and incrustations.

Incrustation or Challenges for a Catheter

Since catheters exist we are familiar with incrustations. The consequence is a premature obstruction of the catheter which requires a shorter interval for changing. A removal of the catheter under these circumstances might be combined with pain and bleedings for the patient.
Considering existing literature we discover that the material or a special surface actually have less influence on the application period of Ureteral Stents than the individual parameters of the patient. That comprises for example pH value, salt concentration (incrustation rate of the patient).

The UROMED »HEPARIUS®« with Biofilm Prevention

The UROMED Ureteral Stent »HEPARIUS®« is a Ureteral Stent which prevents crystallization processes in the urine. Hydroxiorganofunctional Polydimethylsiloxan-Copolymers are highly effective substantive inhibitors on the polymer surface which minimize the biofilm building and decelerate incrustations.
Additionally the blood platelet aggregation will be prevented and the intrinsic coagulation deactivated. Hydroxiorganofunctional Polydimethylsiloxan-Copolymers are microbially not degradable and therefore long-term stable.

The Efficacy of the UROMED »HEPARIUS®«

The UROMED stent »HEPARIUS®« is characterized by constantly good drainage capacity, even when applied for a period of up to 12 months. Therefore a reduced number of exchange interventions and a high wearing comfort can be achieved for the patients.
Comparing stents with additives, based on Polydimethylsiloxan-Copolymers, and polyurethane stents without additives, remarkable differences concerning crystal deposits are found. Hence an important extension of indwelling time of the UROMED »HEPARIUS®« in relation to standard stents can be achieved.

The Ureteral Stents

The admixture of an additive to the polyurethane which essentially prolongs the indwelling time puts specific demands on the product basis, the Ureteral Stent. Therefore we paid great importance on the UROMED »HEPARIUS®« regarding tensile strength, form stability, reliable memory features and flexibility. Our connection allows to the user a safe and fast application.
The material strength in combination with the small-sized, tangentially moved atraumatic eyes prevents from compression during the application.
Due to the Biofilm Prevention and the high material strength the new »HEPARIUS®« without perforation in the ureteral part is also perfectly suitable for tumor patients.

Product Features

  • incrustation-reducing additive
  • reduced bacterial adherence
  • lower strain on the patient due to reduced number of surgeries
  • excellent for long-term application
  • polyurethane
» UROMED HEPARIUS Ureteral Stents – Product brochure (PDF)