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Prostate Biopsy

The »CORAZOR®« Biopsy Device is worldwide the first one offering semi-automatic and rapid handling. It can be used one-handed and features a high spring tension. The 3-point-fixation of the cannula guarantees a safe guidance. The preparation and the biopsy itself respecting sterility and highest possible safety for the staff are ensured by a specal contamination protection.

The »CORAZOR®« Puncture Biopsy Cannulas and the new »CORAZOR®« Biopsy Device are perfectly synchronized to each other. The system permits an exceptionally precise and point-exact sampling of tissue - especially in connection with image-guided procedures. The achieved high detection rates increase the diagnostic certainty in cases of suspected carcinoma considerably.

Designed for highest demands.

  • Precise guidance.
  • Easy cocking machanism.
  • Highest penetration power.

Phenomenal results.