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Suprapubic Urinary Drainage

Encoraged by the paper of Prof. Sökeland about the advantages of Suprapubic Urinary Drainage we systematically started building up our comprehensive program which we would like to introduce to you. Central point and characteristic was the incorporation of a balloon catheter which made a practised fixation at the skin unnecessary. Further decisive steps like INTEGRAL-, SUPRASOFT- and DILATION CATHETERS enrich our program and continue to meet the demands for a safe and comfortable application.

What are »INTEGRAL« Catheters?

The »INTEGRAL« catheters developed by UROMED show a balloon integrated into the shaft and avoids a caliber jump of several Charriére, which is usual with common catheters. As silicone catheters are manufactured with the extrudation procedure the production can be realized with a special technique only. The integrated balloon allows to a great extent a painless change of the catheter, the passage of the fascia will be easier.

Why is a short tip important?

The very short and rounded tip of  the catheter reduces the part of bthe catheter which is placed in the urinary bladder and decreases the danger of irritations and tenesmen. The flat shape of the balloon supports this feature and offers a safe fixation despite of a small volume.

Our Material

The Silicone we use is convincing by best tissue tolerance and lowest incrustation rate.


» UROMED Suprapubic Urinary Drainage – Product brochure (PDF)