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Patient Brochures and Medical Aid Passport

We have compiled detailed information about our products for you in various brochures so that you will feel more certain about them. We will be happy to send you our brochures and further informational material free of charge at no obligation. Or you can just click the link to download the brochures in PDF format.

Our service for you: Easy travel with the UROMED Medical Aid Passport.

Patientenbroschüre: ISK Simplycath Download as PDF

Patient Information
Intermittent Self Catheterisation (ISC)

For the care of bladder emptying disorders

The brochure contains the most important information for affected persons and relatives on intermittent self-catheterisation (ISC) as well as on the uncomplicated use of the SIMPLYCATH® catheter. You can also find lots of information and film sequences with demonstrative 3D animations on catheterisation under

IC-Patientenbroschüre Download as PDF

Patient Information
Interstitial Cystitis (IC)

A lifetime of pain and urge?

In this brochure, you will learn everything about the symptoms of interstitial cystitis (IC) and the possibilities of treating it with Electro Motive Drug Administration (EMDA®). The EMDA® method is a conservative and highly targeted application of medications in the bladder tissue through the use of an electrode catheter inserted through the urethra.

Patientenbroschüre: Ein idealer Fluss Download as PDF

Patient Information
An Ideal Flow

Permanent catheter and urinary Drainage

We have compiled helpful hints on safe urinary diversion for affected persons and caregivers.

Patient Information EMDA-Methode Download as PDF

Patient Information
EMDA® Method

Innovative bladder cancer therapy!

We would like to use this brochure to provide you and your relatives with background information on the topic of urinary bladder tumours. Beyond that, the brochure should show you what a contribution bladder tumour treatment with the EMDA® method makes in combatting non-muscle invasive bladder cancer.

Patientenbroschüre: ISK Download as PDF

Patient Information
Male External Catheters

For the alternative care of male urinary incontinence

In this brochure, we would like to introduce you to a urological tool for managing male urinary incontinence which can help you take active part in social life. Among other things, we’ll help you tell whether you as a patient are suited to wearing male external catheters and will explain how to use them properly.

UROMED-Katheterventile Download as PDF

Patient Information
Catheter Valves

Improving the quality of life for permanent catheter wearers

In this brochure, we would like to show you the various product advantages of UROMED catheter valves so that you can decide which catheter valve is best suited for your individual situation in life. You will also find all of the important information on how to use them correctly.
For more enjoyment in active life.

Easy Travel

with the UROMED Medical Aid Passport and Travel Case

When travelling, it is essential for patients to carry their medical aids such as catheters, urine bags, male external catheters and/or cleanser/disinfectants with them. However, during airport security checks in particular, the items are always queried, which leads to the inconvenience of unpacking them to explain what they are.

In order to provide you with an easy and discreet passport to security checks for your upcoming journey, we will gladly provide you with a free medical aid passport.

Order your medical aid passport now. Please send us an email with your contact details (name and address), including your telephone number for queries to We will send you your medical aid passport shortly.

For further information, please call +49 40 71 30 07-308.

Medical Aid Passport