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Without Compromises for Your Health

The UROMED product range is very much diversified. However, there is one thing that all of our company products have in common: they are all recognised as top quality products and meet the highest medical and scientific requests in modern urology.

In our opinion, silicone is clearly preferable to in the past often used latex as a material for catheters for permanent urinary diversion. The pure silicone which we use represents the required safety standards, such as biocompatibility, wear comfort thanks to shape and consistency, and cost-effectiveness due to the longer retention time.

The UROMED range is constantly being expanded and adapted to the requirements of users, practices, clinics, nursing homes, health insurance companies and patients. For all products, comprehensive product tests take place before market launch. The results and findings are directly integrated into product development.

The quality standards we set for our raw materials and product processing are also met throughout the company. The UROMED quality management system guarantees the smooth operation of all service areas and enables precise coordination of the entire work process. This enables us to meet both medical product legislation requirements and our own high demands for quality.

The benefits for our customers:

  • consistently high and reliable product quality
  • safety through a minimal number of complaints
  • exact control of processes in daily care
  • reliable patient and user safety


UROMED is certified according to ISO 13485:2016

Including Annex II of Directive 93/42/EEC for medical devices. All products are marked with CE and, if necessary, entered in the list of medical appliances.

The quality standards of UROMED are also embedded, among others, in the Quality Circle of Medical Aids (QVH), in which UROMED is actively involved as manufacturer and service provider.


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Cooperation with Health Insurance Companies
We Have Your Health in View

Through trustworthy, decade-long collaboration with health insurance companies, we ensure suitable and high-quality care for patients with drainage aids for incontinence care.

Product and quality standards are defined by appropriate contractual regulations so you can count on them as patient and relative, nurse, doctor or medical specialist.

All relevant product details, recommended quantities of supply as well as consulting and service offers are agreed upon in such way that the necessary medical aids can be reliably supplied.

The quality standards are also embedded, among other things, in the Quality Circle of Medical Aids (QVH), in which UROMED is actively involved as a manufacturer and service provider.

We Have Your Health in View