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QuickGuides and Product Notes

To ensure that you are fully familiar with the application of our products we have compiled individual information material for you. We will be happy to send you our brochures and further informational material free of charge at no obligation. Or you can just click the link to download the documents in PDF format.

Change Interval

With UROMED urine bags as well as UROMED catheter valves, we offer your patients the right product for every requirement. Urine bags and catheter valves must be changed at regular intervals. To make handling easier for you, your colleagues or your employees, you will find an overview below with the individually specified change intervals for each product.

Further information about our range of UROMED urine bags and UROMED catheter valves can be found here. Detailed information on handling can also be found in the respective instructions for use.

Urine Bags

The recommendation for changing the UROMED urine bags is available for download in the following languages:

Catheter Valves

The recommendation for changing the UROMED catheter valves is available for download in the following languages:


How is the product used in practice and what are the main steps in the procedure? Are there tips and tricks that need to be observed?

In our media library we provide you with illustrative videos on various topics to support you in the successful use of our UROMED quality products.

Would you like to go through the application again after the video? Our QuickGuides for nephrostomy and suprapubic urinary drainage illustrate the individual application steps picture by picture.

QuickGuide UROMED NEPHROquick®
Nephrostomy Set

How is a percutaneous nephrostomy catheter for kidney drainage inserted?

In this QuickGuide we will show you step by step how to successfully insert the UROMED NEPHROquick® Nephrostomy Set.

QuickGuide UROmedCYST® »integral«
Suprapubic Puncture Set

How is a suprapubic silicone balloon catheter for bladder drainage applied?

This QuickGuide shows you in detail how to use the suprapubic puncture set step by step to ensure a successful puncture.