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The various sets are designed for the one-step-/ two-step-technique as well as for the introduction of catheters through peel away sheaths. All necessary elements are included and available separately even as single parts which allow individual procedures.

What are »INTEGRAL« Catheters?

The »INTEGRAL« catheters developed by UROMED show a balloon integrated into the shaft and a caliber jump of several Charriére, which is usual with common catheters, is inapplicable. As silicone catheters are manufactured in an extruding process the production can be realized with a special technique only. The integrated balloon allows to a great extent a painless change of the catheter, the passage of the fascia will be easier.

Why is a Short Tip important?

The very short und rounded tip of the catheter reduces the part of the catheter which is placed in the kidney and decreases the danger of irritations. The flat shape of the balloon supports this feature and offers a safe fixing despite of a small volume. The used materials, pure silicone and polyurethane, are biocompatible and proved for a long time.

Why is a dilating tip important?

The conical running tip facilitates the overcoming of the fascia and ensures an atraumatic application of the catheter. In addition to the stability of the material this is an essential aspect concerning the application also without obturator.

» UROMED Nephrostomy – Product brochure (PDF)