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STONIZER® Stone Retrieval Baskets

Retrieval basket for the urological removal of stones from the ureter and kidney during ureterorenoscopy

Ergonomic 3-Finger Handle
The ergonomic 3-finger handle allows an easy and secure one-handed use removable by knurled screw.

Ergonomic Stick Handle
For a comfortable one-handed use the stone retrieval baskets with tip are available also with ergonomic stick handle and thumb tab.

Mobile Handpiece
The basket can be opened and closed by smooth and stepless moving of the mobile handpiece.

Solid Rotation Stability
By turning the handle a complete rotation and fine adjustment of the basket is possible.

Flexible Shaft
The shaft is flexible and kink resistant; the Teflon-coating ensures a smooth insertion.

Stable Basket
The continuous, fine Nitinol wire does not have any sharp edges and avoids the basket being torn off from the shaft.

Power Relief
The mechanism limiting the tensile force avoids the destruction of the shaft and therefore ensures a safe stone retrieval.

Baskets Designs
tipless, straight or circular
with tip, straight or helical