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UROMED »SUPRASOFT« Double Balloon Catheter

UROMED »SUPRASOFT« Double Balloon Catheter

The catheter, developed by Prof. Walz, with a large contact surface of the distal balloon prevents irritations of the bladder wall and is destinated for sensible patients. The drainage will be effected through the eye between the balloons.

  • without tip, central open
  • 1 eye, length 36 cm
  • especially for tenesmen
  • both balloons to be blocked over one channel
  • wide lumen
  • x-ray contrast line
  • soft balloons
  • pure silicone
  • semi-solid
2960-14 15-20 ml 04741880
2960-18 15-20 ml 04741897
Packaging: double, sterile
Original carton: 10 pieces

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