UROmedCYST »INTEGRAL« Dilation Balloon Catheter Exchange Set

UROmedCYST »INTEGRAL« Dilation Balloon Catheter Exchange Set

Dilator and balloon catheter in one - the system solves problems while passing tight areas or changing over to wide lumen balloon catheters.

  • balloon catheter with dilating tip
  • »INTEGRAL« version
  • central open for guidewire
  • x-ray contrast line
  • soft balloon
  • pure silicone
  • Lunderquist guidewire with flexible, straight tip
  • stable guidance

Set contents:

  • dilation balloon catheter »INTEGRAL« cylindrical tip, central open, length 43 cm (REF 3045)
  • Lunderquist guidewire with insertion guide
  • catheter plug
3046-12 04742069 5 ml 0,035"/70 cm
3046-14 04742075 8 ml 0,035"/70 cm
3046-16 04742081 8 ml 0,035"/70 cm
Packaging: double, sterile
Original box: 5 pieces

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