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UROMED Nephrostomy Pigtail Catheter Set »PURgreen®«, two-step-technique

UROMED Nephrostomy Pigtail Catheter Set »PURgreen®«, two-step-technique

For this set economy and time saving during the application of a nephrostomy are immediate importance. A safe guidance is achieved by the obturator. The catheter with conical and well dilating tip has eyes located inside the ring for a safe drainage.

  • obturator and catheter can be arrested by Luer-Lock adapter
  • catheter made of polyurethane


  • Lunderquist guidewire 0,035“/0,89 mm, length 90 cm, with insertion guide (REF 2700)
  • puncture cannula 17,5 GA/1,3 mm, needle length 18,5 cm (REF 2613)
  • pigtail catheter Ch. 8 with tap and straightener (REF 2662)
  • obturator
  • rotation adapter for urine bags, 15 cm (REF 2675)
Packaging: double, sterile
Original carton: 5 pieces

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