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UROMED Puncture Cannulas

UROMED Puncture Cannulas

Cannulas for the percutaneous puncture of the kidney

We offer a puncture cannula with hollow trocar for exact guidance and a puncture cannula with trocar cut. Both types have a roughened tip and guarantee safety during ultrasound-guided puncture.

REF 2610
puncture cannula with hollow trocar, multiple perforated, roughened tip, 2 parts, 17 GA, for guidewire up to 0,038"/0,97 mm

REF 2613 / 2614
puncture cannula with beveled cut, roughened tip, 2 parts, 17,5 GA, for guidewire up to 0,03"/0,97 mm

REFDiameterNeedle Length
2610 17,0 GA/1,4 mm 19,5 cm
2613 17,5 GA/1,3 mm 18,5 cm
2614 17,5 GA/1,3 mm 25,0 cm
Packaging: double, sterile
Original carton: 10 pieces

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