ISC / Simplycath

The risk of cystitis is significantly lower when using intermittent self catherization compared to permanent catheters. Nevertheless, frequent introductions of catheters into the bladder bear the risk that pathogenic germs may be introduced leading to infections. A rapid and careful therapy to avoid any complications, especially pyelonephritis, is always requested whenever infection symptoms appear. However, it has to be taken into consideration that frequent antibiosis stimulates an increasing resistance.

»SIMPLYCATH®« reduces the risk of urinary tract infection due to the introducer tip avoiding a contact between the catheter and the first 1,5 cm distal end of the urethra where germs are concentrating. Bridging this part safely counteracts the risk of germ introduction.

The strengths of »SIMPLYCATH®« at a glance:

Prevention of injection
due to the introducer tip which reduces the infiltration of germs

Securing the mobility and independence of he patient
due to the possibility of using the catheter on the way

Easy to use
also with limited motoric abilities

Preventing injuries of the urethra
due to high gliding ability based on complete gel coating, straight catheter and atraumatic eyes