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UROMED Leg Bag Holder

UROMED Leg Bag Holder

The UROMED leg bag holder with an integrated pocket enables an inconspicuous wearing of UROMED urine leg bags.

The avoidance of direct skin-contact (between skin and bag), the latex-free mixed fabric and the mobility without bag slipping ensure a high wearing comfort. The holder can be worn at the thigh as well as at the shank, at the left or right leg.

4897-01 "S" small, leg circumference = 30-45 cm 09704091
4897-02 "M" medium,leg circumference = 45-65 cm 09704116
4897-03 "L" large, leg circumference = 55-80 cm 09704139
4897-04 "XL" extra large, leg circumference = 65-90 cm 09704145
Packaging: non sterile
Original carton: 1 piece

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