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CYSTOBAG® Urimeter 400

CYSTOBAG® Urimeter 400

Closed urine measurement system

CYSTOBAG® URIMETER 400 REF 4830 consists of a measuring chamber with a capacity of 400 ml and a firmly connected urine bag with a capacity of 2600 ml. This guarantees an effective and time-saving emptying of the system. Particularly for shorter application periods it is the ideal system because of its efficiency.


  • step connector for reliable links
  • needleless puncture spot for urine specimen
  • tube clamp
  • clamp for tube fixation
  • tube with profile

Measuring Chamber:

  • drip chamber with recoil blockage
  • air-filter on measurement chamber and bag
  • twin holder with fixing cord for all-purpose use
  • 400 ml measuring chamber precisely and clearly graduated
  • division of the measuring chamber into fine (1 ml) and rough (5 ml) measuring units
  • handle for emptying, one-handed use without contamination

Collection Bag:

  • clearly graduated
  • T-tap-port
  • T-tap-outlet, one-handed use without contamination
  • tap with wide lumen for fast emptying
4830 400 ml / 2600 ml
Packaging: sterile
Original carton: 10 pieces

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