UROMED »STONIZER®« - Quality Meets Economy

The UROMED »STONIZER®« with tip is now also available with stick handle in helical or straight design.

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UROMED Catheter Valve Compact

The UROMED Catheter Valve to Control the Emptying of the Urinary Bladder

With the UROMED catheter valve, your patients can regulate bladder function themselves – by urinating at the push of a button. In this way, you can give your patients with permanent catheters much more mobility and independence.

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UROMED balloon catheter set »NEPHROquick®«

Pigtails Are a Thing of the Past! - UROMED »NEPHROquick®« Balloon Catheter Programme

Pigtails are a thing of the past! – For some users this may be a provocative statement, for others it may be established practice with clear benefits in percutaneous nephrostomy. With our “NEPHROquick®” balloon catheter programme we offer you a fast and safe alternative to percutaneous drainage – from initial puncture to catheter replacement

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