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Retrieval basket for the urological removal of stones from the ureter and kidney during ureterorenoscopy

open 3-wire grasper, stick handle
Only to be used with enclosed insertion guide!

  • for use in the kidney
  • optimal, frontal capture of stones due to open basket design
  • the basket design makes it possible to grasp stones of different sizes, to safely remove them and, if necessary, to reposition or release them
  • grasping element made from nitinol with high shape stability and ideal opening force for use in the kidney
  • the PTFE coating ensures the optimal sliding properties of the nitinol taut wire
  • high functionality even when shaft is bent
  • atraumatic design of the grasping element
  • increased flushing is possible due to the small outer diameter
  • the insertion guide contributes to optimal insertion of the stone extractor into the endoscope
  • the ergonomic stick handle with thumb tab allows an intuitive one-handed use
  • practical presentation of the basket in high-quality blister packaging with additional clipless dispenser
  • single use
REFCh./Fr.Ø ShaftLengthØ Basket
72151208 1,5 0,5 mm 1200 mm 8 mm
72151211 1,5 0,5 mm 1200 mm 11 mm
72201208 2,0 0,6 mm 1200 mm 8 mm
72201211 2,0 0,6 mm 1200 mm 11 mm
Packaging: sterile
Original carton: 5 pieces

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