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UROMED Catheter Valve Universal

UROMED Catheter Valve Universal

Catheter Valve to control the emptying of the urinary bladder

To urinate at the touch of a button. This means use free of contamination and methodical bladder training.

  • any contamination because of permanent insertion and removal of a catheter plug will be avoided
  • one-handed use
  • smooth pressing mechanism
  • wide lumen for fast emptying
  • automatic closing after release of the push button
  • special drop stop
  • very light (10 g)
  • contoured shape
  • permanent opening with integrated pusher
  • safe and fast adapting of a CYSTOBAG urine bag without manipulating the catheter

REF 1500 - catheter valve universal
REF 1501 - catheter valve universal with adapter
REF 1505 - catheter valve adapter for urine bags, flexible, with bayonet lock

1500 04741874
1501 07198560
1505 07198577
Packing: sterile
Original carton: 5 pieces (REF 1500/1501); 10 pieces (REF 1505)

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